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Nestled in the Hills of Somerset, in the beautiful Chew Valley, not far from King Arthur's Camelot and Vale of Avalon, is The Asquith & Somerset Toiletry Company. Renown for toiletries that vary from richly classical to wonderfully innovative, we have10 product lines on sale in over 25 Countries.  Dedicated to creating quintessential English Toiletries at their finest, we use only choice ingredients with a preference for those that are wholly natural. Each product has been distinctively designed and formulated as well as emotively fragranced to create a bath or body product to not only fit your lifestyle but enhance it.  We are passionate about the products we make and feel sure that you need only try our products to experience hard work and love that goes into each bottle and jar.  We use only the finest quality vegetable ingredients in our triple milled soaps and we do not test our products on animals.



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