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Arran Aromatics Baby Feel

 Olivia, the family’s latest addition, was born in 2002. Baby Feel was born soon after – from the desire to create a baby range using only the best ingredients. Dermatologically tested to be gentle, mild and Ph balanced, the range can be used by new-borns and not-so-new-borns.

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Baby Feel Happy Music CD

Music is a well tried and traditional calming remedy and the ideal way to create the perfect sleeping environment Our CD contains the relaxing and familiar sounds of Mother’s heartbeat and womb, combined with beautiful harmonies to create an atmosphere of total calm to lull Baby to sleep. P.S. It’s also beneficial for new parents !



Baby Feel Soft Moisturizing Lotion 250ml

Mild & gentle to keep Baby’s skin soft and comfortable all day, dermatologically tested and Ph balanced. The light gentle lotion contains aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturise and soothe delicate skin, leaving it cuddle soft with a light ‘freshly washed baby’ scent. Mum will enjoy using this too !



Baby Feel Calm Massage Gel 300ml

Especially after bath time Baby will enjoy a massage with this smooth cool lightly scented gel. Dermatologically tested and Ph balanced and containing aloe vera, chamomile and vegetable glycerine to soothe, calm and relax restless babies whilst leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable. All the family will want to try this.



Baby Feel Clean Teddy Bear Soap 100g

A cute little bear will be Baby’s friend at bathtime. Tripe milled pure vegetable soap with added glycerine to gently cleanse the skin without drying. All the family will love this soap which will leave a light ‘freshly washed baby’ scent on the skin.



Baby Feel Good Travel Bag

A neat little bag you can fit in a handbag if necessary, containing a selection of mini products to care for Baby when travelling away from home. Containing: Hair & Body Wash 50ml, Moisturising Lotion 50ml, Barrier Cream30ml, Towelling facecloth, cotton buds, Cleansing Wipes x 8 .



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